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Every lawyer at Heimberg Barr LLP is here for our clients, because we want to help people who’ve been hurt, injured and wronged protect their rights and put hope and order back into their lives. Our clients matter to us.

“What are you looking for in representation?

A firm with a team of talented, experienced and thoughtful people. A firm that is respected by opposing attorneys and judges. A firm whose knowledge comes from experience. A firm that knows the resources, including experts in medicine, life care, economics, & mediation Heimberg Barr LLP produced a great result for me because they are all these things.”

Bob Cook 

“Bill (our son/brother) had a mental illness and ended up in a hospital where he was hurt. Dr. Heimberg understood the importance of Bill and his meaning in our life, looked beyond the mental illness and found the medical mis-management that led to my brother’s death. It helped us not only put the puzzle together about what happened to Bill, but also let us hold people accountable who needed to be held accountable.

“I really feel that … for once … justice happened.”

 “Steve Heimberg is not your stereotypical lawyer. He’s not in the business he’s in for the money. He’s in the business to right wrongs, to protect patients.

“He’s personable; he’s just very, very determined. His low-key manner is very open and friendly, but it’s deceiving because being a doctor he can explain things to juries in a very simple way where they will understand and not get thrown by the medical terminology.”

Mary Margaret Brady and Karen Brady

“Max came into the world a hard way. He was suffering from oxygen deprivation while he was in utero … so he was born with extensive brain damage … I didn’t want to go through the litigation process, but thank goodness we did. The verdict that we were awarded … was at the time the largest verdict in California for a case involving a brain damaged baby… and we’re going to need every cent of it. Max’s care costs about $30,000 a month, and 95 percent of that is not covered by insurance. He requires almost 24/7 nursing care, physical therapy six times a week, all kinds of equipment … Money can’t undo the injuries that have occurred, but it certainly can help the quality of life.”

Kelly Akins

“My sister had been hospitalized for swelling in one of her legs and left the hospital a paraplegic relegated to a board and care home. I interviewed with five different attorneys and was told that really nothing could be done.

“Dr. Heimberg was able to help us recover injuries for my sister and to provide for her a home where she can live without being in an institution.

“If Steve had not really looked at this case and listened to us this woman could have spent the rest of her life in an institution and never had the independence and care that she gets today.”

Suzanne Eckhardt

“The money wasn’t part of the equation. It was just a tool to provide her with the best possible treatment … And Steve’s handling of his wife’s case definitely affected her in a positive way.

“She confirmed that Steven, besides being a fantastic attorney, was also a good friend and someone who was also taking care of her.”

Dr. Genaro de Paiva