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Community Outreach

Cambodian Education and Community Support Projects

Dr. Heimberg has co-founded this grass-roots organizations to provide education, outreach, and community support for Cambodian children living in poverty. Together the programs have 8 schools in Phnom Penh’s worst slum communities and a ninth in a poor rural village on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. He has also instituted a program to identify and support capable underprivileged university candidates throughout Cambodia and provide them housing and scholarships in return for community service. These and his other programs are designed to elevate the opportunities for these children’s futures through education and character building, while providing tools to avoid exploitation, fun in a safe caring environment, health care and assistance with food and clean water.

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Triumph Foundation

Triumph Foundation’s mission is for individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries to help other similarly-injured persons triumph over their disability and to inspire them to keep moving forward with their lives. Through their work with Triumph, the attorneys at Heimberg Barr LLP are deeply involved in the spinal cord injury community. Dr. Heimberg has been a long-time proud supporter and friend of this foundation. In conjunction with Triumph, Dr. Heimberg developed a book, The First 90 Days, a resource guide for the newly spinal-cord injured person.

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Los Angeles Trial Lawyers’ Charities

The primary purpose of the Los Angeles Trial Lawyers’ Charities (LATLC) is to make a positive difference in the quality of life for people within the greater Los Angeles area, focusing on issues related to education, children, battered women, and homelessness, by providing financial assistance to needy persons and groups in the greater Los Angeles area. The attorneys of Heimberg Barr LLP actively support the LATLC through donations of money and, more importantly, their time.

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A nonprofit organization that provides peer counseling and resources to people with spinal cord injuries and to their families. Dr. Heimberg was honored with the organization’s Benefactor Award in 2005.

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Ralph’s Riders

A nonprofit networking community dedicated to serving and supporting individuals with spinal cord injuries and mobility impairments. Dr. Heimberg was recognized as the organization’s Rider of the Year in 2011.

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Little Tokyo Service Center

A nonprofit organization dedicated to providing community development and social services to the Pan Asian community in downtown Los Angeles. Dr. Heimberg is a long-time supporter and former long-time board member.

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