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Kids get hurt at school, on the schoolyard, all the time. Fortunately most of those injuries can be helped by a band-aid.

However, serious injuries can and do occur involving children and schoolyard surfaces or play equipment, such as swings, jungle gyms or monkey bars and slides, especially when they aren’t properly built, maintained or supervised.

Amusement park injuries

Amusement parks and playgrounds give people a place to play and to rejoice in the experience of just having fun. Fortunately, most people visiting an amusement park or playground do have fun and accidents are rare, but they do happen.

Children and even adults suffer serious injuries on merry-go-rounds, swings, slides and teeter totters in playgrounds. A small number of people die or are severely injured every year on park and fair rides such as the rollercoaster, ferris wheel, carousel, or bumper cars and more exotic rides. Survivors of these injuries can face a lifetime of high medical expenses and inability to earn income.

Amusement park accidents can cause catastrophic, life-changing injuries and death. When an accident at an amusement park or playground has caused you or a family member injury, you may need to file a claim.

Reasons to file an injury lawsuit for your child’s injuries

If an accident involving a school has affected you or someone in your family, it may result in severe or permanently disabling injuries, even death. Filing a lawsuit can help you:

  • Pay for your child’s medical expenses
  • Compensate you for lost wages while you stayed home to care for your child
  • Secure your child’s care for the rest of his or her life

A severe, catastrophic injury to you or a family member will result in high medical bills, probably loss of income, possibly even lifetime earning ability, and may completely disrupt or destroy your or your family’s quality of life. Your life and the lives of others in your family may be changed forever.

If your child has suffered a serious or catastrophic injury in the schoolyard (even at a school your child does not attend), you may need help protecting your rights. Heimberg Barr LLP stands ready to help.

The law limits the amount of time in which you can bring a lawsuit. These time limits are complex and strictly enforced by the courts. As time passes, evidence may be lost and memories fade.

If you or your family have been injured at an amusement park or playground, or sustained an injury on the school yard, you can’t afford to wait. It is in your best interest to speak to an attorney as soon as possible.

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