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Medical malpractice claims are some of the most challenging to pursue and win. They are governed by arcane laws which work against victims, not for them. Heimberg Barr LLP was recently awarded the title of  Elite Trial Lawyers by The National Law Journal, effectively naming us the best medical malpractice firm in the nation. We earned this distinction because we secure some of the largest verdicts and settlements in California for our clients. Dr. Steven Heimberg knows what it takes to win.
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Everything we do as medical malpractice lawyers informs how we practice catastrophic injury law. Dr. Heimberg understands, easily and immediately, all of the medical jargon and posturing that the wrongdoers often hide behind. Senior Partner Steven Heimberg put decades of experience taking complex injury cases to trial to work for clients. This experience, along with their ability to accurately assess the severity of an injury and the costs for caring for the catastrophically injured, is why they are routinely honored as being among the best trial attorneys in the state and in the country.


Birth injuries change family’s futures forever. They can require lifetime medical care and expenses you’ve probably never had to think about before. As a doctor and a trial lawyer, Dr. Heimberg’s medical knowledge makes him your best ally when coping with your child’s life altering birth injury, and the firm is able to defeat the vast resources that the companies (and insurance companies) bring to prevent those in your situation from getting what they deserve.

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Heimberg Barr LLP has been a friend to the SCI community for more than 25 years, working with multiple organizations in California. Dr. Steven Heimberg has been named “Man of the Year” by the Ralph’s Riders Foundation a, the 2005 Benefactor Award winner for Wyngs, and the original sponsor of Shane’s Inspiration’s Annual 5K/10K Walk-FUN-Roll event. As a doctor, he understands exactly the trials and tribulations that SCI patients and their families will face, and the financial burden that this type of catastrophic injury will cause.

The highly recognized Los Angeles medical malpractice and catastrophic injury attorneys of Heimberg Barr LLP are on your side

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Partner Steven A. Heimberg

As a medical doctor as well as a renowned attorney, Senior Partner Steven Heimberg is equipped to refute the medical experts the defense puts forward, and to assess the true value of your injuries. When combined with his recognized talents as a trial attorney (winner and 9-time nominee for Los Angeles Trial Lawyer of the Year, Top 100 SoCal Super Lawyer and many other accolades), Dr. Heimberg’s medical knowledge makes him one of your best allies when coping with a life-altering personal injury. That is why he has been consistently able to prevail over the vast resources that the companies (and insurance companies) bring in attempting to prevent those in your situation from getting what they deserve.

“Heimberg Barr LLP seeks justice for individuals in California who have been injured, and for their families, during their times of greatest need. We consider representing each client to be a privilege. We pledge to do everything in our power, in every case, to be deserving of the trust you place in us.”

Named the #1 Medical Malpractice Law Firm in America
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A catastrophic injury will alter your life, and the lives of those you love. When your injuries are the result of wrongdoing, the California medical malpractice attorneys you choose to represent you will be the variable affecting the outcome of your case. When your injury team includes a nationally-recognized attorney who is also a physician and dedicated trial attorneys with decades of experience, that difference is even greater.

Heimberg Barr LLP is a premier catastrophic injury and medical malpractice law firm. Led by Senior partner Steven Heimberg, M.D., J.D. Heimberg Barr LLP helps people throughout California whose lives have been forever altered by severe injuries from acts of medical malpractice, a variety of accidents, and wrongdoing by corporations and individuals.

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Experience matters when you are living with a catastrophic injury

Sometimes accidents can cause injuries that change your life forever. Victims face not only immediate physical, mental, and emotional hardship and pain; they may also face years, or even a lifetime, of crippling medical bills, lost employment, and other extreme financial hardships.

The injured person is not the only one whose life will be irreparably altered: entire families must adjust to a “new normal.” In most cases, these families are overwhelmingly underprepared and underfinanced.

Money can never bring back your health or a loved one, but it can help to rebuild your life after a catastrophic accident or life-altering injury.

As one of the top medical malpractice and personal injury law firms, not only in Los Angeles but throughout California, Heimberg Barr LLP attorneys understand what this means for their clients. Because of the firm’s attorneys’ unique qualifications and experience, they consistently obtain just compensation for their catastrophically injured clients.

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What do these numbers mean?

When you see verdicts and settlements on a website, you do not always see the whole story. Sometimes those awards are reduced because of the way California’s laws work. The verdicts and settlements you see on Heimberg Barr LLP’s website represent the full amount of compensation obtained for clients. We invite you to learn more about these case results here.

At Heimberg Barr LLP, clients partner with a close-knit team of Los Angeles medical malpractice and catastrophic personal injury attorneys and support staff who work to resolve each case as efficiently as possible. By putting their decades of experience and practice to work for each client, the firm aims to secure the best possible outcome. When you or your loved one sustains injuries that will changes your lives forever, you deserve a team who will fight for your future. Delays can cost you more than financial compensation; they can cost you precious time on your path to recovery. Contact Heimberg Barr LLP today to get started on your path to a better, brighter future.

Our Pledge to Our Clients

At Heimberg Barr LLP, it is our honor to represent you in your time of greatest need. We take our responsibilities to our clients seriously, and understand the weight that such a promise carries. Our team is dedicated and committed to you and your future. We are here to help you shoulder the burden you carry, and to creating a path forward for you. Our promise to you is this: when you are in need, we will treat you and your case with dignity, discretion, and compassion.

Our Pledge to Referring Attorneys

Heimberg Barr LLP understands that reputation is paramount to success. Clients place their trust in you, and you, in turn, are asking us to commit to that trust. As such, our work is a reflection on both of us. We promise not only to take your clients and their cases seriously, but to put the full weight of our skills, resources, and knowledge behind them. We aim to create working relationships with firms that are not only financially beneficial to both parties, but are also based on mutual trust and respect.

California’s trusted medical malpractice and catastrophic injury law firm since 1993

Heimberg Barr LLP provides aggressive, comprehensive representation on behalf of medical malpractice and accident victims in Los Angeles and throughout California. To learn more about your options, please call (213) 213-1500 or fill out this contact form, and schedule a free consultation..

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